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Overview of my Novel

Amelia Rosemarie Tan

– The sole daughter of the well-endowed business tycoon.

– Gets anything that she wants in just a click.

– Well cared by the parents.


What is the real Amelia?

~ Always alone with no friends at all.

~ Faces her gigantic room with all the fancy toys around her and maids to play with her (during her childhood days).

~ Parents are not around ALWAYS due to the business and busy schedule.

One day…

A guy named Miguel rescued him from the very sad situation.

Miguel Anthony Perez

~  son of 2nd most wealthy business tycoon of the Philippines (Amelia’s dad tops the list and got a place on the richest man the world).

Miguel helped Amelia to kill boredom and to let her feel that she is important and she can still have true friend.

Miguel and Amelia were childhood friends until the’ve grown up and suddenly their lives changed.

. . .


I am Back!

Hey guys!

I am so sorry for posting so late. I was busy lately with a lot of events.It is really bad that I seldom update my blog.Well, regarding to my novel my draft was lost and unfortunately I forgot a what was there written. Sorry for those who expected to see it but I do have a new novel in the making. The story is more mature compared to the first creation that I was suppose to let the world show. I’ll be posting the overview of my novel after posting this.The posting will be done by episode.  So hope you will like it viewers.


VCS Teachers’ Training and Workshop 2009

V – Vacation

C – Church

S – School

“Listen to the Voice of Creation..”

Aloha chika! New blog post again. Just to kill boredom and to train my skills in composing something, I decided to post a blog. So I would like to share and narrate my experiences when I attended my first ever teachers’ training in Bugang, San Miguel, Bohol last April 5-8, 2009. It was one of my memorable moments in life. I experienced a lot of first things when I was there. So let me narrate to you the things that happened from the beginning.

April 5, 2009

I woke up late even if we were in a hurry. So we went to Tagbilaran at exactly 7:25 a.m. via Public Van. Before going to the city, My cousins Alyssa, Sheenan and my beloved mommy Mec planned to meet in the Loon Public Market at 6:30 a.m. Unfrotunately, I woke up late and they can’t just simply go ahead because I have the fund for the travel. I was scolded by my aunt for being late.huhuhu.:( We arrived at Dao Terminal at 8:15 a.m. Instead of riding the Gigantic buses going to San Miguel, we hitched a ride with the current CM of Bohol. We rode the BCI car for free so we don’t need to use up a lot of money. We really saved a lot. Unfortunately again, we need to wait for the BCI van for a while because they need to do some tiny preparations and polishing of the stationaries needed for the worshop. During the stay in the terminal, we met the two delegates/future teachers from UCCP-Limokon, Dimiao. John Reeve which was one of our friends and cuz Sheenan’s bro together with Ate Jeaniza met us at the Dao terminal. We did a lot of kantyawan and By the way, being late was a blessing in disguise also. Try to see, we still waited a few hours in the terminal. Hahaha. So VANITY STRIKES.

Here are some of the captured moments at Dao Terminal.



3 Musketeers of Badbad

3 Musketeers of Badbad

Pokky nuts

Pokky nuts

So, those were the pieces of crap we did in the So approximately 12 noon, we arrived! Weee! So we were one of the earliest delegates to arrive . Then as the minutes went by, more and more delegates from different UCCP churches all over Bohol arrived. 12 noon, means LUNCH! Our food was “inun-unan” na fish. It was wholesome anyway. Here are some of the wacky images we captured while eating lunch.

See? Me and my cousins can eat with the use of our hands. We are not maartes!

See? Me and my cousins can eat with the use of our hands. We are not maartes!

Go cousins!

Go cousins!

Hahaha. 🙂 I love those pics above. I was the one who took it actually but afterwards, I joined them with their kalukuhan. Hahaha.. So after the lunchtime, we started the Opening Worship. The 3 musketeers were assigned to do something again — as usual. The 3 of us were asked to present the 4 elements (wind, light,water, soil) as the central idea of the VCS 2009. Alyssa was asked to be the Liturgist of the worship and I was asked to read a long essay about the environment. It was a bizarre! lol. It was so embarassing on the moment when the 3 of us were asked to represent the various elements. We did a lot of laughing moments because of the something really funny which I can’t tell you why. It is between the 3 of us cousins but, ok I’ll give you a hint “HEALING” . Here are some of the images during the opening worship.

Opening Worship

(L-R) Pastor Juvy, Cuz Aly and me

(L-R) Pastor Juvy, Cuz Aly and me

With the Tagbilaran delegates on the right side.

With the Tagbilaran delegates on the right side.

This was the time when we were LOL-ING.

This was the time when we were LOL-ING.

After the worship, we proceed to the theme exposure brought by Rev. Andy Golosino.

Rev. Golosino expounded the theme

Rev. Golosino expounded the theme

The theme for the VCS 2009 was “Listen to the Voice of Creation. .” After the theme exposure, it was KTV hour then dinner! Here are another crimes that we did during the dinner break.

A lot right? Guess where did we took those? Hahaha. CHURCH KITCHEN! Patay gutom ever since. lol.

After eating our dinner, we attended the ACQUINTANCE! Wee! During the acquintance, we were asked to pick from the draw bowl the title of the song we will be singing. Actually we will just hum the tune of it and then you were not the only one who was able to pick that song. You need to hum it and search for the same song that a person picked. My song was “This is the Day” After finding all my groupmates, we played the I’m Part of You” game. It was fun! After that we were asked to jot down our first impressions to that person. My oh my, I received a lot of hoax comments. So bad talaga and as far as I observed they wrote a lot of first impression. I tried to compared my tag (because we were asked to wrote it at the back of our tags) to others and mine overcomes theirs. They usually wrote there, smart, pretty, genius, white skin, blah blah, friendly..ALL OF THAT WERE A HOAX!

Here are some of the images during the acquintance.

Searching for our groupmates

Searching for our groupmates

After the talying of the first impressions, we were asked to read it out loud within the group circle and tell them what were the things you want to improve.

Next on the acquintance was the Manual Orientation. After that, the Barangay Captain/church chairman announced what house we were going to stay. Luckily, we stayed in a very comfortable house. The house was so nice and big. The owner was rich and for the first time in any out of town conferences, we slept on a bunkbed with matress! It was cool! Together with Limokon friends and Pastor Juvy and Pastor Geraldine, we slept in one spacious room. After the long and tiring day, we slept already.zzz..Good night!

April 6, 2009

We woke up semi-early. 😦 OMG! Yeah I forgot to tell you, instead of taking a bath inside the house CR we took a bath on an OPEN FIELD! You hear it right, OPEN FIELD! HUHUHU We took a bath with the use of “atabay” located on the side of a crop field. It was cold and EXPOSED. We need to accumulate water before taking a bath. I really learned that “Pag may tiyaga, may nilaga..” The atabay was 10 meters away from the house. Not that far actually. So on the 2nd day was the workshop. Me and mommy were assigned to teach the big kids (not literally big but the age). Me and mommy were in the same group. We were actually grouped to 4. 2 groups for the teachers who will teach little kids and 2 groups for the teachers who will teach big kids. During the workshop, we were asked to display the technique that we will do to teach. The workshop was during the afternoon but during the morning, Pastor Juvy brought the lecture on Ways or Methods of Teaching. BTW, our friend Justin Roa arrived together with Rev. Roa and Yasha!! Weeee! After that, me together with my cousins became closer to him. We were so happy to welcome him and we were so glad also that he slept together with his mom and sister inside the room that we were sleeping! After the whole day of training, we slept already.zzzz

BTW, huhuhu I was chased after by a drunk man. Actually, I went out from the house that we were staying alone because everyone was busy with their visual aids and etc and unfortunately, I need to go out alone to buy myself a bottle of mineral water. Unluckily, I was chased by a drunk guy who stayed nearby the house together with his drunk friends. I really ran with all my might and instead of going to the store, I decided to stay in the church because it was the nearest escape. I just waited for my two cousins who were still not yet done with their lectures. (the 3 of us were separated, I went ahead of them in the house because me and mommy mec’s group finished our group lecture earlier than they did) While waiting, I saw the TUCCP forming a circle. They were talking about creepy stories so I joined them. It was fun hanging out with them. I was shocked with their ages. They were 12-15 years old! They told me that I look mature. They were even shocked when I revealed my real age. Hahaha. They told me that I act like a lady already. After my stay in the church, I went to the house together with cuz Aly and Sheenan and Justin. When we reached the house, we were talking creepy and true to life horror stories with Ate Beth from Sweetland, Buenavista.

April 7, 2009

3rd day already! I attended the hinalangin!

This is it. We were all preparing for the practicum and criticing. I was with Maam Rebecca (from Delapaz) and Ate Nadine (Pob. San Miguel) for the practicum. Actually the group was grouped also to 9. Each of us were assigned to expound 1 session. My session was titled “Look Who’s Talking”.I was really tensed! Here are the pics of the practicum for GROUP 1.

Since I am one of the pasaways, after I performed the practicum I went to the my cousins and group and joined in even if I am not assigned there. Here are their practicums.

With the Group 1 1st honor!

With the Group 1 1st honor!

Session 4 - killing me softly

Session 4 - killing me softly

Group 1 - Crying in the Rain

Group 5 - Crying in the Rain

My belobved cousins group with Justin and Maris

My belobved cousins group with Justin and Maris

Actually during the morning, we attended the JUNK ART brought by an old friend Von Puracan. We were asked to recycle things and made something out of junk. Here were the images.

My group's products

My group

Junk Art Lecture

Junk Art Lecture

After the practicum was the culmination! OMG! Our group performed something unique but very creative presentation. We did a talkshow with a drama. Me and mommy mec were the host/script writer/director. It was fun! We beat the other groups according the the audience. Our topic was pertinent to the soil. Our talkshow was titled ‘SOILAND!”. LOL. After the culmination was the picture taking. I did not attend the picture taking for I was sick.When we reached the house, we all went to the rooftop to talk with each other and savor the last hours in Bugang. the 3 musketeers welcomed Justin Roa a.k.a. baktin and piglet. We made a group called the stargazers society!

New Friend

New Friend

Peggy and Piglet

Peggy and Piglet

Here are the images taken when we were stargazing on the rooftop.


Justin Paul Roa, Sheenan Paul Simporios, Alyssa Ruthe Bunac, Shannen Jaye Langcamon

April 8, 2009

We traveled again for 4 hours and we reached home safely…


Busy preparing our preaches for the 7 last words.

Thank you so much to UCCP-Bugang for everything!

Those were all the experiences I have in Bugang, San Miguel that will surely leave a tremor in my mind and heart. As we left the place, another activity worth remembering will start and that is VCS 2009!!

Bye chikkas!


My first BCYF

Early morning plight in Upper Matin-ao, Sierra Bullones, Bohol. It was during the BCYF koinonia. So cold every morning. Our mouth produces smoke talaga.

Early morning plight in Upper Matin-ao, Sierra Bullones, Bohol. It was during the BCYF koinonia. So cold every morning. Our mouth produces smoke talaga.

First day in Upper Matin-ao, Sierra Bullones, Bohol. I am freezing cold. The temperature is like Baguio's.

First day in Upper Matin-ao, Sierra Bullones, Bohol. I am freezing cold. The temperature is like Baguio's.

December 27, 2008 was the first of the all the first. I experienced a lot of first time on that date. A lot of repurcussions also happened. So let me list the FIRST things that happened on my whole life during that time:

1.) First time to ride on a cargo truck fully-loaded with CYF members.

2.) First time to be away from home for 4 days.

3.) First time to be in Sierra Bullones whom I have never dream of going.

4.) First time to socialize with the same status as mine. Peer!

5.) First time to sleep with other people who are completely strangers.

6.) First time to attend BCYF!

On our way to Sierra Bullones (see, we were riding on a a big truck!)

On our way to Sierra Bullones (see, we were riding on a a big truck!)

You read it right, we ride a huge Cargo Truck c/0 Rev. Polbos. It was raining but the rain didn’t stop us from reaching our destination. We passed a lot of towns before reaching Sierra Bullones. We passed Balilihan, Cortes, Catigbian, Sagbayan and Carmen. It was a very rocky and topsy turvy ride. We did a lot of stopover also like in Catigbian and Sagbayan. It was a 5-hour tedious ride. =( Matin-ao was still 10 kilometers away from the town proper. There were a lot of curves on the road and it was not that nice because if the curvy road reaches, all the people who were one of us also bends. Nyahahaha.

After the travel, atlast WE ARRIVED! It was past 12 when we arrived so it was time for lunch. We gathered our things to the church for we weren’t assigned yet on where are we going to stay and temporarily dwell for the whole fellowship. Our lunch was ok, it was a small fish they called “burot-burot” and pancit. I did not eat that much thou. It was so amazing because at the back of their church lies a wide lot for planting . There were a lot of running waters because the town just recovered from a heavy rain. I was so amazed. SUPER!

Fortunately, after lunch we went to the house that we are going to stay. It was small but it was enough for all of us. It was owned by a widow. She lived there alone and she gave us guidelines like be careful on her house because it is so old and she wasn’t planning to repair it since she is not getting any younger. Me together with my cousins Sheenan and Alyssa took the isolated room where there was mirror and it was really isolated. 🙂 Then Lalang also joined with us. Me and my cousins made a motto before attending the fellowship. It was “One for all, all for one!”So after settling our stuff, we went for a stroll to view the place. What a clairvoyant I am! I was seeing what I saw on my vision that after settling our things, me with my cousins and Ate Lalang will go and discover the place.! Expected event I guess. So on the picture above, that was me. We were strolling the place with my jacket on. It was so cold in there. There were a lot of crops planted on the area and a lot of running water. It was so cool to see. When the sunset comes, we decided to go back to the house. We planned to sleep for awhile and take a rest.

This is me after strolling the place. It was freezing cold but I was able to made a freakish pose.

This is me after strolling the place. It was freezing cold but I was able to made a freakish pose.

After how many minutes, my close friend Lito arrived. It was unexpected for we all thought that he can’t come because of their alumni reunion thingy but he was able to make it! We jumped because the funny Kuya Lito is there to save the boring the day! Nyahaha. The only person lacking was Kuya Jomz. =( So during the night was the getting to know all the youth. We were requested to go to the stage and say our names and from where we are. Hahaha. I love the stage. It was always my forte! So after that, we decided to sleep.zzzzzzzzZz. Good night!

December 28, 2009

Church day na! There was a mass and the preach was given by Rev. Gasco. He was so funny. The whole time I was laughing listening to his preach. He really knows how to bring the crowd. We were clapping and laughing while he was delivering. I love his style. =) Hahaha. Then after the mass, Kuya Jomz arrived! Hahaha..The duo is complete once again.

During the afternoon schedule, the ball games arrived. I volunteered to be the one who will tally the scores. It was fun! I meet new friends! The only thing that annoyed me so much was that every youth that was there always call me ate. I directly asked their age and they were 16 and duh! I told them that  I am 14 still! They were all shocked.I asked myself

” Do I really look mature?”

Hahaha.. Well the opinions of the people vary.

So after the ball games, the MT. OLIVES practiced for the choiral. It was spearheaded by the lovely Ate Lucil. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend. I got a slight fever. huhuhuhu. Atleast I made new, friends like Kuya Seth, Aaron, Bon Marie, Cheryl, Kuya Biboy, Kuya NARUto and Kuya Brian. After the musical, we slept.zzz.

BTW, Mommy mecmec arrived! It was fun to be in company with her. Love her so much.

My mommy (the one from the right)

My mommy (the one from the right)


Lesson that I got for today was pertinent to world crisis and corruption. It was given by an activist of Bayan Muna.

December 29, 2008

3rd day! Super happy! We made new friends! Daddy Jerome and John Reeve a.k.a. wafz! We made friends with other CYF from Dimiao. It was so much fun! We played Snake and ladder, checkers, and chess! Super fun! I prefer to be with them than the others and that was also the opinion of Alyssa and Sheenan!

That was me with Cousin Sheenan while hanging out with CYF Dimiao friends

That was me with Cousin Sheenan while hanging out with CYF Dimiao friends

It was so much fun but during the night was the terrifying night! I was one of the contestants for extemporaneous speaking. huhuhuhuhu. After the literary contest, we sleep already.zzz

btw, Pastor Juvy arrived from Loon!

December 30, 2008

4th day. Nothing really much happened. Hahaha.

Ball games championship.. WET!

Rain or shine they played. On the 4th day also was the election of officers for our Circuit.. I was elected as President. huhuhuhu.  I am so young. =( But I can’t refuse. Its a call for service from God and maybe God really trusted me for handling the cyf Getsemani circuit and to lead the improvements of the said group.

During the night was the end of the bcyf 2008 koinonia.

Me, Sheenan and Alyssa were asked to be the ushers — PROXY actually.

Then it was the awarding session.

I got the 3rd place for extempo. Over-all MT. Olives received only FEW awards but atleast we had fun!


December 31, 2008

We woke up early morning for the departure.

We ride again on the cargo truck.



Take a look at it.

The most painful ride of all. I got a fever after it. So crowded but it was fun.=)

The most painful ride of all. I got a fever after it. So crowded but it was fun.=)

See how crowded and unsafe our ride but for God it was all ok. God suffers more than this.=) Its time to pay

See how crowded and unsafe our ride but for God it was all ok. God suffers more than this.=) Its time to pay.

It was a painful ride going home. Very many were injured because of the stops and the lacking of grip. I myself cut my nail.huhuhuhu. So painful. We passed another route also because Balilihan experienced flood. It was also raining that time.=(

ATLEAST we arrived safely.Thank God.

Thats all!




my bffl tine, why do you have to go?

This new post is dedicated to my very special friend, Christine..This will serve as my farewell letter and this is what i feel it is a sincere post with no pretension, no just for the sake or no lies…

Dear tine,

Hi Tine! wud? ok so you think its silly for me to type this but my impulse wants to.. When I heard that you are officially leaving, at first I was a bit confident about the possibilities that maybe you will change plans but as the world is rotating and revolving, the possibilities of leaving is getting more vivid. As I try to picture out my daily life without seeing my bff is real agony. I will miss the crazy moments like “Van Gogh and Christine show”, the losing of weight. I will also miss these sentence,”Shanz, Honestly, am I fat?” Sorry if sometimes I cannot hang out with you anymore due to the fact that school tasks are getting tougher and tougher and I need to get good grades to satisfy the conditions of my scholarship grant. Sorry for that, I know that sometimes I will be out because I need to do this and do that. Sorry Tine… I know we are different like what happened before a small conflict but alas we were able to solve it. Wait I should also typed na we also share common things like our favorite cartoon and favorite junk food!(we are sisters!)… After the slumber/farewell party, when I was riding back to Loon, I don’t know what will I do. I want to laugh, cry or shout to the street that why people leave. My feeling that time was ineffable. Suddenly when we reached the Maribojoc and Loon boundary, tears fall down from my eyes. I tried to wipe my tears but too bad I cannot. My seat mate was asking that what was wrong with me and I said a dust just got inside my eyes. You know what Tine, I was curious why of all the possible bffs that you could have, why one of it is me before but as the day goes by I knew already the reason why and that is God destined every things. I proclaimed or declared you as a blessing from above. So I think I wrote a lot already. Last word, I know how miles away we are when you arrive in states, i want you to promise to keep in touch with me thou I am not really updating much but I will try to budget my time.. Last confession, honestly, even thou you said that your not sure your coming next year, I am still expecting if you could. BUT when I try to maneuver things, you don’t belong here in the Philippines for U.S.A. may give you big benefit. Good high schools in U.S. may help you in the future. I am looking forward one day to hear good things from you like your successful in life…WOW!.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TINE!!!!!!!!!!!TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES THERE!!!ALWAYS REMEMBER TO STAY PRETTY AS YOU ARE AND ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT BR*DL*Y IS NOT THE ONLY GUY IN THIS WORLD..HE IS UGLY!!!!! MORE HOT GUYS ARE WAITING FOR YOU THERE WHEN YOU GO BACK! GIVE ME UPDATES OK…JUST FORGET ABOUT “HER (SONY)” AND MOVE ON…SHOW “HER” WHAT YOU GOT TINE! JUST REMEMBER THIS TINE HUH IF EVER YOU TELL ME YOU HAVE A NEW CUTTIE, I WILL MAGPADUNGOG-DUNGOG..LOL..I AM SO MEAN..HAHAHAHA..I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH TINE..

BFFL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!THAT IS A PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ILYSM INFINITY!!!!

me and my BFF Tine..friends with benefits..i love her so much..

me and my BFF Tine..friends with benefits..i love her so much..

best friends for life!for infinity!I will miss my bff so much!

best friends for life!for infinity!I will miss my bff so much!

bff! that is a promise!

bff! that is a promise!


our theme song as always tine…

We sign our cards and letters BFF
You’ve got a million ways to make me laugh
You’re lookin’ out for me; you’ve got my back
It’s so good to have you around

You know the secrets I could never tell
And when I’m quiet you break through my shell
Don’t feel the need to do a rebel yell
Cause you keep my feet on the ground



You don’t get angry when I change the plans
Somehow you’re never out of second chances and
Won’t say “I told you” when I’m wrong again
I’m so lucky that I found

(repeat chorus)

A true friend
You’re here till the end
You pull me aside
When something ain’t right
Talk with me now and into the night
Don’t need to pretend
ohh yeah
A true friend
You’re here till the end(till the end)
(Your here till the end)
You pull me aside
When something ain’t right
Talk with me now and into the night
‘Til it’s alright again
You’re a true friend [3x]

and tine, don’t worry all will be fine…

a little bit longer

a little bit longer

that is all tine!!!!!sail on!ILY MY BFF AND TCCIC!!!!




Tine..they are so cute

Joe(wow!), Nick (olala) and Kevin (yo!) Jonas..Still kids..

Joe(wow!), Nick (olala) and Kevin (yo!) Jonas..Still kids..

I am just inserting P.S. to put a smile on your gorgeous face after reading my blog/letter..

Don’t Go…

Don’t Go

By Timothy Carlo Racho

Where are you going?

What’s going on?

The next time I noticed

You’ve left me and gone

Now I lost a part

Of my heart and my soul

And this feeling of pain

Drives me out of control

The balance is shifting

The scales have been tipped

As countless tears

From my eyes have dripped

For now I was lonely

Afraid and alone

As my feelings of sadness

And depression have grown

It was like just yesterday

When we had first met

A day and event

I would never forget

A pretty face seen

In a crowd of no smiles

That went down the hallways

For miles and for miles

I started to speak to you

In a special way

Fearing each word

May lead to your dismay

How happy was I when

Friendly you were

Like a happy cat

As it stretches and purrs

Soon this bond of our friendship

Grew tight

As we both held on

With all of our might

So why did it come?

This day that I hate

The day that for you

I would no longer wait

The trees did not answer

The stars did not know

The answer to the question:

“Why did you go?”

I wonder why

I didn’t tell you please stay

The thing is that moment

Was just seconds away

The worst part is

I didn’t move an inch

Even my fingers

Didn’t manage to twitch

I just stood there

Frozen like stone

As the image of you leaving

Chilled me to the bone

I want you to know

Just how much I care

As the sight of you leaving

Hurt beyond compare

And what a sadness

I had felt

As my stone-cold heart

Began to melt

The memory of you

Is still etched in my mind

The way you are helpful and

Courteous and kind

And although there were

So many things to do

You just kept your chin up

And soon you got through

That aura of greatness

That pair of brown eyes

That even the vilest of men

Can’t despise

How will life be

Without you right here?

Like a plane with no runway

Or a boat with no pier?

Life would be incomplete

That’s what it would be

Everyone will miss you

Just wait and see

I know it’s a very hard

Choice to make

Whatever you choose

Is no mistake

But if you do choose

That you would just stay

I’d be so happy

In more than one way

‘Cause when I’m in trouble

You toss me a cord

And we pass notes in class

Whenever I’m bored

I know if you choose

To leave me and go

There is a big reason

I just do not know

Whether it’s just due to

Problems in life

Academical stress

Or too much strife

And when you leave

Don’t ever forget

The memories we’ve had

That you’ll never regret

Although you’re far away

It’s true

A part of you

Is now a part of me too

So no matter what happens

You’ll be with me

It will make me fell light

And even carefree

And also a part of me

Is always with you

Whether in the States

Or Paris or Peru

This is inevitable

We must say goodbye

I must be quick before

I break down and cry

Take care and Good luck

And please stay in touch

This is all I can say

Although it’s not much


Amazing that is all I can say! A 13-year old kid can manage to write this very deep poem. Actually Carlo is my classmate and also a persistent honor student. He is very good in speech and I guess all subjects. He has been traveling to compete. He is called the MATH WIZARD of Bohol. Every arrival, he always brings medals which is very overwhelming and therefore we should be proud of him. He is just 13 years old but his mind is like a graduate already of college. He knows a lot! Every time if I will ask something to him like what is the meaning of blah blah, he can comprehend well. Surely, this guy will have a good future ahead. Ok, let us now focus to the content. Don’t Go.. According to him, he wrote this because his very special friends are leaving sooner or later. If you will try to see the words are so deep and he only made it like for 3 hours. Almost all of us can relate to this poem. We cannot cope up to the fact that someone special in our lives will depart or leave. They may come back soon or maybe not. We humans respond if someone will depart. We feel the word “miss” and our hearts are in pain. There are two kinds of departure:

1.) temporary

– going far from you but the secure fact is he/she will come back.

ex. Going to abroad for some purposes and will stay there for a long period of time but promises to come back.

2.) Forever..

– When a person died.

But actually for number 2, we cannot say that when a person died we will not see him/her again. Death is not the end. During the grand reunion of all believers in heaven, we can still see each other again.



The story behind 7 things by Miley Cyrus.

7 things by Miley Cyrus

I probably shouldn’t say this
But at times I get so scared
When I think about the previous
Relationship we’ve shared

It was awesome but we lost it
It’s not possible for me not to care
Now we’re standing in the rain
But nothin’s ever gonna change until you hear, my dear

The 7 things I hate about you
The 7 things I hate about you
Oh you
You’re vain, your games, you’re insecure
You love me, you like her
You make me laugh, you make me cry
I don’t know which side to buy
Your friends they’re jerks
And when you act like them, just know it hurts
I wanna be with the one I know
And 7th thing I hate the most that you do
You make me love you

It’s awkward and it’s silent
As I wait for you to say
What I need to hear now
Your sincere apology
And when you mean it, I’ll believe it
If you text it, I’ll delete it
Let’s be clear
I’m not coming back
You’re taking 7 steps here

The 7 things I hate about you
You’re vain, your games, you’re insecure
You love me, you like her
You make me laugh, you make me cry
I don’t know which side to buy
Your friends they’re jerks
And when you act like them, just know it hurts
I wanna be with the one I know
And 7th thing I hate the most that you do
You make me love you

Compared to all the great things
That would take too long to write
I probably should mention
The 7 that I like

The 7 things I like about you
You hair, your eyes, your old levi’s
And when we kiss, I’m hypnotized
You make me laugh, you make me cry
But I guess that’s both I’ll have to buy
Your hand in mine
When we’re intertwined everything’s alright
I wanna be with the one I know
And the 7th thing I like the most that you do
You make me love you

What is the story behind 7 things?

As we all know that Nick Jonas from the Jonas brothers had a past relationship with Miley. After how many months they broke up. According to the video itself, you can see that Miley is showing a picture of her with a guys with curly afro hair. Its pretty obvious with the hair that its nick.. Here is the PROOF!

Proof that Miley is showing a picture of her and Nick..

Proof that Miley is showing a picture of her and Nick..

Miley is really obsessed to him ei..Here is another spam picture of her showing how much she is in love to the band member..

try to see her necklace with a bead with carved NICK J

try to see her necklace with a bead with carved NICK J

Very obsessed….. Now its up to you if you believe it or not but therefore Miley wrote the song because she is truly in love with Nick Jonas.

And additional, an article from MTV was posted that the director spilled some revelation about the history or the stories behind 7 things..So here it is..

Miley Cyrus’ ‘7 Things’ Is About Nick Jonas, Director Brett Ratner Seemingly Reveals

‘She reminded me a lot of Madonna,’ Ratner says of VMA-nominated tween queen.

Veteran video director Brett Ratner has worked with Madonna, Mariah Carey, Diddy, Jessica Simpson, Wu-Tang Clan and many others. And he’s got high praise for VMA Best New Artist nominee Miley Cyrus, whose “7 Things” clip he recently helmed.

“She reminded me a lot of Madonna,” Ratner told MTV News. “And I hate saying that, but what I mean is, like Madonna, she can be hanging out and laughing, and then you put the camera on her and it’s like, ‘Holy sh–!’ ”

That effervescence actually made the simple performance video more difficult for the director. “It was the hardest video I’ve ever edited because every moment was great,” he said. “Every moment that she was on camera, she was amazing. She’s got an incredible quality about her. She gets the camera, and that’s what it takes to make a great music video.

“She came out in these high-heel boots and I was going to say something to her about them,” he continued, “but on her own she was like, ‘I’d feel better in sneakers.’ Her instincts are great. She has great charisma and personality.”

He recalled discussing the video with the young star during a visit to her home, where she told him how much the song — which she co-wrote — means to her, and said that it’s about an ex-boyfriend. (Cyrus told MTV News last month that much of the album is about ex-boyfriends.)

While Ratner declined to reveal who exactly that ex is, he gave away a significant detail — perhaps inadvertently — that seems to confirm the song is about Nick Jonas. Cyrus recently admitted, after months of unconfirmed speculation, that she dated Jonas for two years.

“She had me come out to her house,” Ratner recalled. “She started showing me all of her personal items from under her bed that her ex-boyfriend gave her. So she pulled out his dirty socks and a bunch of photographs.

“The necklace she’s wearing in the video is the necklace he gave her,” he said. “She’s wearing his diabetes or medical necklace.”

Nick recently made himself a de facto spokesperson for awareness of the disease: Earlier this month, the group held a press conference where he said the title track to their new LP, A Little Bit Longer — for which he wrote the lyrics — is a “life song” where he addresses his affliction.

For his part, Ratner said he believes Cyrus has the talent and the attitude to make her not only a Best New Artist, but a career artist.

“She was very down to earth, and it’s kind of very popular for little girls in the entertainment industry to be kind of bratty,” he said. “I couldn’t believe how many people wanted to visit [the video set], and I’ve worked with people like Mariah and Madonna. She was very gracious and she’s very smart. She really knows her stuff. Look, [whether] she wins or not, I think she’ll make a great transition [from being a teen star]. She’s very conscientious of her persona and of the crossover.”

He also pointed out what he sees as her emotional maturity, and her comfort with being a 15-year-old superstar.

“She’s not, like, frustrated with where she’s at,” he said. “You can tell by the lyrics that they’re very personal and that’s how she’ll make that transition. The stuff she talks about in the video is clever and emotional and fun at the same time. You can be 18 and enjoy it too.”

I guess this will be a living proof…

She said also that her album is all about her ex-boyfriend so Goodbye also probably talks about her agony while apart from Nick..

Well….I guess until here only…

Who is better, Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez?

Every tween in the whole globe are trying to compare the two teen stars but in your own opinion, who is really better Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez? When it comes to popularity, talent and fame Miley Cyrus will really top of all but when it comes to good personality, Selena will top. Nowadays, it is still hot and sizzling the news and speculations about Miley Cyrus. She becomes so rude according to news. Avalanche of racy photos are appearing so fast in the internet. The newest one are these.

The teen popstar was just wearing a shirt and not wearing any undies

The teen popstar was just wearing a shirt and not wearing any undies

miley took picture of her belly with her iphone

miley took picture of her belly with her iphone


A lot of teenagers are her fans but she is acting so nasty! She should also be aware that she is a role model of the world.

When it comes to Selena no Racy pictures are spreading in the net, She is sweet as her attitude.

She is so sweet and placid that every guys dream of

She is so sweet and placid that every guys dream of

But when you try to contrast the two of them when it comes to popularity, Miley Cyrus will truly over come Ms. Gomez because of her Character as Hannah Montana. According to some reliable resources, her income last year reached to 18.2 million dollars. She tops the youngest human who earned a lot of money. Almost every streets in U.S. you can see Hannah Montana Apparels which cost at a very high price, concerts also which is very expensive.

WELL…cannot decide right? hmpf..

But for me I really allot my side to Selena. She is very kind. Honestly I admit that I like Miley’s songs but for the fact that she is acting differently now than before her stardom is not really good for thy sight. SELENA rocks! Lets Pray for her upcoming movies like

The soon to be released motion picture of Selena GOmez with her bff, Demi Lovato

The soon to be released motion picture of Selena GOmez with her bff, Demi LovatoSelena's another motion picture titled Another Cinderella Story

Even thou I am over with Miley, let us also show respect to her, lets support her motion picture soon to be released and her album

Shooting her new Movie as Hannah Montana

Shooting her new Movie as Hannah Montanathe new CD of Miley Cyrus titled Breakout

thats all..just want to express my feelings. No negative reactions.!

Bohol International Learning Center, the new light and hope of every children’s future!

In June 2006, Bohol International Learning Center began as a dream to provide the youth of Bohol with the proper education they need to pave way in today’s fast-paced world.

In July 2006, the Department of Education was approached with the proposal to open a school that offered all levels ranging from Preschool, Grade School and High School for s.y. 2007 – 2008.

In August 2006, a lot for the school site was acquired – a seven hectare stretch of land for all the school’s long-range wide development plans, these which includes the academic buildings, sports and recreational facilities including sports oval.

In November 2006, BILC was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission with Company Registration Number, CS 2000629575.

In December 2006, clearing and bulldozing work was done to create the roads that would lead to the new school. Groundbreaking and massive constructions for the main academic building and sports facilities began.

In February 2007, the Department of Education gave the permission to make the public aware of the new school. And in March 2007, and ad in the local newspaper was taken out to formally announce the upcoming opening of BILC.

Finally, BILC opened its doors last April 2007. Equipped with the state-of-the-art technology, the Bohol International Learning Center is destined to be the center for excellence in basic education for Bohol and beyond.

this official seal represents the school's aim.

this official seal represents the school's aim.


A. Laurel Leaf – This represents the academic reputation of the school dedicated to producing universal person with exemplary character. It also an emblem of victory and joy as one liberates himself from ignorance and cognizance.

B. Torch – This denotes the importance of learning. It reminds us that education is a process of enlightening minds and empowering spirits to bring out the best in the learner.

C. Quill – This symbolizes the power of self – expression and the appreciation of the beauty of life and love with its almighty pe, inspiring others towards excellence and self-discipline.

D. Book – This represents the appetite for knowledge, the passion for truth and the quest fro wisdom.

E. Circle- This symbolizes the dynamic journey of the personal evolution to ultimately experience the fullness of life.

G. Purple and Gold – The school colors that connote royalty and supremacy of physical, mental, and social abundance in harmony with the ethical norms of society and professional standards.

H. Motto :VINCIT QUE SI VINCIT (He who prevails over himself is victorious)

Education is a continuous process of becoming through a life-long journey within. Man engages himself in a constant struggle through objective self-inventory and self – conquest. In his never – ending quest for meaning and perfection, man attains self mastery, liberating himself from his fallen nature. Detachment from self leads to a fulfill life. He becomes a man for others as he becomes dead to self. Unleashing the power within, his self – knowledge empowers him to have dominion over the body. With the inner mastery comes personal victory and human effectiveness. The totality of self – conquest comes when he puts God over the self. When he puts God over the self, he surrenders his life to His divine plan and humility. With humility, he can only become greater, richer and happier. This is the reality of God’s grace as man lives his life as unto the Lord.


…Conceptualized by and enduring legacy of seasoned educators

…Brought to life with the intent to elevate the quality of education in Bohol

…Forged under the iron resolve of visionaries who wants to revolutionized the teaching industry…

So what are you waiting for, enroll now at Bohol International Learning Center for a brighter tomorrow ahead.

Founder: Mr. Mariano Uy

Dynamic Director: Mrs. Zenaida Caberte

Principal (elementary and high school department): Mr. Jose Caberte

Faculty Members.

Do you agree that sex education is a must on the curriculum of every schools in the RP?

According to the recent news, the Republic of the Philippines’ higher authorities agreed that sex education will be included in the curriculum of every institution of learnings in the Philippines. As a 2nd year high school student of the country, I guess it is a bias since ages like that should not be literate on this kind of aspect. They are still young and they cannot feed their selves. They said is a good way to control the never ending increase of population in the country. But for me, it is the accurate solution for that. They just exacerbate the dilemma. Instead of dwindling the percentage of population increase, they are making it high since youngsters will try it because of curiosity. Premarital sex is one of the case that makes the country poor. Teenagers who are still jobless will get pregnant and will be the pillars of their family. So pathetic and helpless! I truly disagree to this concept. I think they should focus more on the quality of education they will provide to the children rather than adding problems to the country. They should also focus on how to cope problems regarding education like shortage of teachers, classrooms and textbooks. Instead of adding useless curriculum, they should improve the traditional curriculum.

so everyone say NO to sex education!

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