Overview of my Novel

Amelia Rosemarie Tan

– The sole daughter of the well-endowed business tycoon.

– Gets anything that she wants in just a click.

– Well cared by the parents.


What is the real Amelia?

~ Always alone with no friends at all.

~ Faces her gigantic room with all the fancy toys around her and maids to play with her (during her childhood days).

~ Parents are not around ALWAYS due to the business and busy schedule.

One day…

A guy named Miguel rescued him from the very sad situation.

Miguel Anthony Perez

~  son of 2nd most wealthy business tycoon of the Philippines (Amelia’s dad tops the list and got a place on the richest man the world).

Miguel helped Amelia to kill boredom and to let her feel that she is important and she can still have true friend.

Miguel and Amelia were childhood friends until the’ve grown up and suddenly their lives changed.

. . .



  1. Iceprince Said:

    Hehehe.. Nice one Shan! I hope you could finish your novel soon. I wanna read it! 😀 Too bad ur co-editor is not anymore around to help. 😦

  2. loki Said:

    nice one…i found this at google..i didnt even know it was here.

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